Death machine
Flame thrower
Gas mask
Hit it

Computing helps extermination
There must be something we can do about it

Don’t act like you don’t know
Like you don’t
But you do

High speed data sorter
Slave labor
Collateral murders
Hit it

Generation collapses
Barbaric ways look different these days
Worldwide watch with a close eye traced
Running round with closed eyes
Complacent no watched or time
The death that we die glazed over
Eyes scripted human screens inject sedation
Plastic faces empty
La-la land filled waste
Oppression recession misplaced priorities
Killing for iPads
Government laws on who we can love
Innocent kids gunned down in the park
Fuck the police and their lies in the dark
Injustice and its just us so we must get close
No hue, no charisma come up out the
Digital coma so we can see change

Song name Death Machine
Artist Atari Teenage Riot
Album Reset