First they invented their own gods
Then they followed them blindly
As if they had no responsibility or control over their own lives
Some hide behind the drugs
Crawl back into their bottles
To see people be dragged down like that
Feels like a bullet tear a chunk out of you shoulder you know


Standing on a rooftop, staring down
The sound of a helicopter approaches from far away
Traffic below, stars above

They call me transducer

They wanna take me out, out, out, out
I got the identity of another man
A copy of a man of a copy

Stranded, it couldn’t drive me insane
I jump into the big unknown
I feel like I’m drowning
It couldn’t drive me insane

Darkness would end this life
But I’m still falling
Lights, flashing lights
Is this death?

Song name Transducer
Artist Atari Teenage Riot
Album Reset