You, they have a place for you
They do, they do
It’s called hell

They have a place for me
They do, they do
It’s called heaven

In this place, where I’m going
In this space, it’s called heaven

You left me
Left me all alone, in this space
Left me all alone.

So if you go - take me with you
No, I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna go

Take the girl, take her with you
So I don’t know
I won’t know
Won’t never know

But, somebody’s watching
Somebody’s watching you -
So keep your eyes closed
So you don’t see me

Don’t see me watching you,
I’m watching you,
I’m watching you…
I’m watching you!

Thought that we,
Thought that we…
We would die together.
We were gonna die.

Song name Lust
Artist Boy Harsher
Album Lesser Man (extended version)
Track number 1
Year 2017
Original text by Boy Harsher