Looking back on my footsteps on the cold ground, feeling like fleeing

They say the path I took should be my fate, but I wanna take my lazy steps on my own
Day by day, second by second, I set the course anew

Walking through the frames of my life, looking for the moments I’ll remember with a smile
Tripping over lies and hate, envy and vanity
I wish I could change the order of proceedings, no chance at all

I build a time machine, I will reverse my mistakes, pain fade away!

All these sources of noise are whispering and screaming, tempting and frightening
in the middle of my head, beyond my heart
They try to change my mind into something bad, fighting against them for years
But in the end I still decide on my own, fearing the mistakes,
fearing the responsibility to myself and to my beloved, to my beloved

These photos…
Can’t overlook the flashlights, they are surrounding me, observing all my movements
But finally it’s me who’s crying for my perfect sincerity, crying for my salvation, crying for the respect against for myself
So where is the golden means of all decisions? Don’t even know if there is a right way I could choose

I go down on my knees, I’m yelling at the ground, in the hope of finding some new answers
Thousands of questions, only one life for finding answers.
One question for thousands of lives - breathing slowly - what if
Despite this I never stopped believing in, waiting for the point I can see it clearly

Song name Chapters
Artist Breakdown of Sanity
Album Perception