All of our lives we’ve been told what to believe. "Nothing
Is perfect" so what’s the point of purpose? The line that separates the weak
From us who truly care, is one I don’t intend to cross. The heart of man beats
But only in greedy hands, and it seems that most are still content. Where most
Are comfortable accepting insignificance, we strive to find the effort within.
If you open up your eyes, and open up your mind you will be exposed to a world as
Cold as those who are left to populate it. Two decades spent swallowing lie
After lie has sparked a fire in my heart, and the time has come to spread the
Flame. We can’t continue wasting time, day after day trying to find a new means
Of escape. We do this day after day. And I can’t face the disconnect. I’ll shed
The dead weight and rise. I never thought that I would need to justify a reason
To continue in this life I lead. I fucking hate the world, I fucking hate
Myself. I fucking swore I’d never feel like this.

Song name The Disconnect
Artist Counterparts
Album The Current Will Carry Us