As far back as I can remember, the failure was always there.
It was the only real companion that I have ever had.
Not meant to live like this.
Consciousness is nothing more than a vicious cycle, and I am being bled dry by my conviction.
I’ve spent my life trying to find my confidence, and found absolutely nothing.
Life is a lost cause.
Too weak to carry on.
I wish I’d never met who I once was.
Not meant to live like this.
Pursuing the love in all that I have lost, but I have left myself neglected, deserted from the start.
Longing for a chance to wander; a chance to chase my aspiration.
When you’re devoid of feeling, you just do as your told.
Hatred is exhausting, but it’s all I’ll ever know.

Song name Lost
Artist Counterparts
Album The Difference Between Hell and Home