So we've been talking about "cool" and its uh ramifications, and how it applies to the hip scene. But maybe you could give us some examples now, of the opposite of cool - "uncool", just exactly what is "uncool"?
Yeah, why-n't-we have some thoughts on that…

It-it-it's uncool to nod on the street corner waiting for the light to change.
And uh it uh… It-it's uncool to let anybody know your uncle is a registered pharmacist, uncool for the whole family.
You know, it's uncool to buddy with a known fink.
And it's uncool to ask "Where'd you get it?"
It's disastrously uncool to let friends use your penthouse as a forwarding address for packages from Mexico.
You know and it's uncool to ask "Where'd you get it?"
And it is uncool to wear shades after sunset.

Song name Sometimes I Fail
Artist Deadmau5
Album Get Scraped