You’re going to find him, and make him pay.
Stumble out to the bar.
"Take one more look at her,
And it will be the end of your days.
You low-life bookie, you don’t scare me.

I ain’t settling no debt,
I ain’t saving no face.
One more drink then I’m gone
And then I’ll drag you out of this place."

Put it down for the courage,
Your fists clench with the blood rush.
White knuckles when the hit lands,
Cold concrete and blurred vision.

Stumble home from the bar.
Stuttered steps home to your front door.
On the tip of your tongue, your remorse.
Shamed by the loss and defeat.
Shamed by your let down to her.
The same walk as that first night.
Now alone you know that this ain’t right.
Better days and the promise you made,
Ain’t no man supposed to walk out that way.

Her ring lies in the thick red,
Your tears swell, and the room spins.
"Dear God, what have I done?"

You left her, and he took her, he laid with her.
You bastard’s son.

With the blackout
And the bloodstains,
Your teeth clench,
Then the pain comes.

Song name White Knuckles
Artist Defeater
Album Empty Days & Sleepless Nights