While the noose is tightening
You still sit here on your fleeting throne
So busy with your own little feuds
And your own blinker crowns

But we all are Gauls
And we are free at least by now
So take the fucking plunge
Rise and unite

United we’ll stand

This is V for vengeance
This is V for vehemence
This is V for victory
This is V for Vercingetorix

Let them feel the Gaulish violence
Impetuous furor
The bite of our blades
Let them see our freedom’s ensign
Let us raise our clenched fists in pride

What benefit will it be
To save your crowns but forfeit your freedom at last?
We are one folk and we can make a stand
So lay down your crowns now
Rise and unite

Wake up
As one, we’ll prevail

This is V for verdict
This is V for valour
This is V for venture
This is revolt
This is kingdom come undone

Song name Kingdom Come Undone
Artist Eluveitie
Album Everything Remains [As It Never Was]