In these vigilant times I daydream - an innocuous crime
My motionless stance - in my mind, I wander the land
A bleak and dismal trance

Constrained, unsafe, left in shame
and now I can see my town is painted red
here forever I’ll be where once my tears were shed

On that day, in our place I recall the smell of the rain
and I’d protect you from them if you want me to take,
take you there again

Good night my love, let me watch, you sleep from here or above
Words like these won’t leave this place
Be haunted by our trace, the trace of our…
The home they want call their own
But for the air that I breathe, the dreams are divine
the memories I’ll bring to

A place far from home
The home they want to call province of Rome
I’m trapped without guards, within a state I can’t grasp
But we’re still free

I am waiting for the clouds to part, all in vain
Nature forsaken
Once admired by us all, does it know we’re scared
Scared to move, scared to wake, scared just to be who we were
What matters is just you and me and the path that leads us…

Encircled by friends, the pressure deepens
Dazed by illusions, my reason weakens
But I won’t let you fall into deep forlornness
I won’t let you ponder the why in distress
A mechanical smile as I lift my face towards the sun
And return to denial

I weep as I kiss the ground, the trees that I’ll soon miss
The songs we sang will ring out, the memories will resound

Song name Home
Artist Eluveitie
Album Helvetios