In this hotel room, they pull back the covers to expose the white sheets.
They fade into each other’s features
while the whiskey leers with jealousy from the bedroom work desk.
Two people who for some reason, and against the odds have managed to withstand everything that has been thrown, kicked, spit, and shouted at them.
However they still remain in true faith in the other.
The two of them inspired by each other
The same as when they first exchanged data across miles of distance and circumstance.
They are but one random equation that has blossomed into a better solution.
Within these walls is The Red King.
The union of left and right/ Moon and sun/ Silver and gold.
Within this is the sea beneath the mystery.
That two people with parts of the same soul now lay with each other under the stars in peace.
Let tomorrow say otherwise.
And the tomorrow after that.
They will remain.

Song name Harukiya 遥
Artist JK/47, Animal Firepower, GHOSTWVLF, Sam Haine
Album Future City Dating Service
Track number 7
Year 2016