The room was buzzing with the chugging of poor exhaust from the cooling system
and the smell of tobacco, chocolate, and cigarettes — The taste of wine and beer.
They initiated to take breaths and share tangents/ as if they were glances.
Letting their secrets become the last frontier of intimacy; they could do no wrong focused on each other.
They advance into one another’s personal gate, disregarding all forms of engagement.
Her hand gripped the back of his hair.
And her gentle biting as he wrapped his arms around her. She missed touching him.
She wanted to wrap herself within his body and remain a prisoner inside his heart.
He lays to rest his active mind and dreams inside her subconscious to allow her to whisper dreams to him.
He wanted to take her into the movie of himself. And allow her to watch the tale of his life from every plot twist,
fall, and ache, and tearjerk rendered in amazing Hi-Def IMAX.
For the first time.
Just for her.

Song name Lou’s Tavern 娄的小酒馆
Artist JK/47, Animal Firepower, GHOSTWVLF, Sam Haine
Album Future City Dating Service
Track number 5
Year 2016