I spoke too soon, it seems
For you made a home in my dreams while I slept
You kept running yourself through my head
Like, I won’t be dead

Yet, I said, "You don’t understand
We had no control, they stole it
Love’s been so unfair to me"
"But see, boy, that’s my point
You must move on"

Then felt her ghost move in me
I heard her voice call out my name but
This time it faded out, away
I’ll bury it today, today

So I breathed her name out into a cold, cold room
Watched her ghost ascend the walls, and then dissolve
This time I choose to let it go

This time I choose to let her go
I will not let my fear become
The only world I’ve ever known

I know my heart, come kiss my mouth
And set me free, I’ve wounds to mend
And we’ll be more than friends, my dear
I fear I’ve changed my mind again

But, boy, you’re too late
But, boy, you’re too late
My love, you’re too late
Oh, God, it’s too late
Too late
Too late

Song name Then Again, Maybe You Were Right
Artist La Dispute
Album Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair