Hey, didn’t I see you at the Sizzler last night?
I never heard of them. Do you have change for a dollar?
No, but I bet that dress is real expensive.
It’s too cold, and I can’t stand salty stuff.
Let me get that for ya baby.
You should speak to my roommate, she owns two of them.
Ever seen one of these before?
You’re shorter than me!
You’re shorter than me.

Mr. Lucky just hit the street, and he’s lookin for something cheap.
He’s gonna steal himself a cop car, cheap ass blow, and a bite to eat.
“I’m gonna score me a b.p. vest, pimp my intellect and burn the rest,
Cut a few scars in the life story bar, get a big load off my chest…”

“Don’t you know I got two things on my mind.
First one’s nothing, second’s woman kind!
Introduce me to the fox with goldie locks, and mama bear’s behind.
A black cat’s crossed your path.
Valentino and psychopath
Claw me in the light of the stars tonight,
Drown me in your bath…”

With her back against the record machine,
She’s a 4am beauty queen
If I throw a six she’s mine tonight
Undressed and seventeen
Wait a minute!
Who’s that lucky guy? He’s got the devil in his eye
Rings on his fingers and an empty glass and a queen with a big surprise

Mr. Lucky just hit the deck, with the liquor in full effect,
Lend me an ear and a shot and a beer and I’ll pay with a third-party check,
Hey, what’s the matter with you, man?
You gonna burn me catch as catch can
Throw him a bone and he’ll leave you alone
Don’t blink, he’s a lucky man


Song name Mr. Lucky
Artist Revolting Cocks
Album Linger Ficken’ Good … And Other Barnyard Oddities
Track number 3
Year 1993
Original text by Christopher Connelly, Paul G. Barker, Allen Jourgensen, William Riefflin, Roland Barker
Original text copyright Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, The Bicycle Music Company