Heard your name the other day, it’s been a long, long time
Ancient history, some would say, another state of mind
You smell of memory felt-tipped electric child

She takes a plastic pill, she plays the weatherman
She screams "Religion kills more than it saves you, man"
She painted filigrees, she was the acid queen
She claims society is just a fever dream

Now you live in the trees and salty seas tripping out in the blue skies
You shut the door on everything too busy getting high
And me, just another dream theory lost inside your eyes

She’s not in your history books, lost her mind and kept her looks
Down beneath the radar screen, she’s lit up like gasoline
Been throught a million kicks looking for the one that sticks
Never would’ve known it then, I might not see her again

Top hats and tails for thrills, red lips and famous hands
Sidelong and glancing still in tiny dancer land

We kissed, time slipped, hard edged, tight lipped
See you some time, ask me if I care
Karen, miss communication, Karen, Karen

Song name Karen Revisited
Artist Sonic Youth
Album Murray St.