Ayy ayy ayy
Big fish from small pond
Deep where we were swimming
Seeing what we all owe
Eastside where it's lit at
OGs on the corner
Talking ‘bout a profit
Then the streetlights come on
Here come ghouls and the diamonds
They gone see what you made of
Yes sir, run me them pockets
Any way to get paper
While trying to stay off the docket
Bust right up on lil Taedoe
Black piece stone
That's how he rocking
Told me find him a forty
Told him find him a hobby
He said Swayyvo you trippin’
My plan just like my religion
I was born in a manger
Like the Jesus you mention
Did you grow up with an
Option of being buddist or christian?
Did you wanna go praise him
Or was that granny’s decision?
They gone judge me 'til death
But I'm gone judge you thereafter
I believe in my OG
Like you believe in your pastor
OG shoot on my behalf
While pastor stealing collections
OG told me to get it you waiting
On blessings on blessings on blessings
yeah yeah yeah

There’s some things I coulda said but I didn't
You can't confide your destiny because it's written ya ya ya
If I could try just one more time, I'd do it different ay ay ay
Give thanks and spread love while you living

ay ay ay ay
Ay, I should’ve told him boy Taedoe mane
"Put down ya controller, I'll give you game"
I should've told him you gotta son
Just give him a look
You won’t feel the same
I should've told him how gangsta he was
It won't matter to no one
If you in the ground
If I had've told him
How stupid it was, to slow down
If he listened he'd still be around
I could've spoke up and told you
Your mama gone miss you
Your sister gone ask herself why
Ain't you gone talk to her
Said you be there forever
Forsake her man
Why did you lie
I should've told you
You're deep in the trap
But this shit is a trap
And your ass finna die
When I got the call
I was dropping my jaw
It was hurting my heart
But I wasn't surprised
I could've told you
Your niggas don't love you
They hate you, just look
You can see in their eyes
They want what you got
And they just want to use you
You gotta be smart and
Look past to the skies
I should've told you
How niggas be switching
And singing remind me
Of Mary J. Blige
I should've told you at this point
Before but right now but I come
Humbly taking the time
To tell you I'm sorry
That I let you down with my silence
Because now I be feeling the heat
And thank you for telling me
No one had asked
I thought cause you knew that
It could've been me
Back then someone told me ay
Don't ride with the homie ay
You don't know where you're going ay
Stay focused keep flowing ay
I put his 40 ounce in the dirt
Like I bet you wish you would've gone to church

Song name It's Written
Artist Swayyvo