You can call this coming clean
Or the repeat of what you know
About the struggles I once had
As I’m learning to let go

I made a pledge to myself
If I was to raise my voice
To be direct as I can be
No matter what I may destroy
But I can’t say I haven’t aged
I’ve outgrown what I used to be
I won’t fake what is expected
To succeed with album three (That’s not me)

Does this mean that the words won’t come?
Does this mean that I’m at my end?
If my joy comes with the price of my love
I won’t pay if I have to pretend
There’s always a chance to relapse and fall back
To the person I still fear is there
So if this ink will suddenly run out
I’ll refill if I feel the need to share

It was the fall of last year in New York City
Day two of a tour, when my friend Johnny said
“Hey, I’d like you to meet Andy”
We got to talking and connected on some things
Mutual friends and how his band started writing
But then something was spoke
I knew exactly what he meant
I understood when he said
“It’s hard to write content”

And it still is, and it still is
But I won’t take a step back
Though it might be for the best
And it still is, and it still is

I know you asked for some advice
They use your blood to capitalize
So give up all your secrets
To move units, display your weakness
You might spend some years alone
At the price of forgetting your home
So expose what hurts you the worst
The exchange deals a handsome return (Are you in?)

Song name To Write Content
Artist Touché Amoré
Album Is Survived By
Track number 2
Year 2013