I feel what’s best for everyone is to forget about me when I’m gone
Because it hurts to be missed and no one is deserving this
With my back to a hardwood floor
I understand that I’m not a provider but a center divider
I got lanes to explain the different ways I behave
A life thats a detour to where I am not sure
But if the sun is in my eyes I think I’m doing the right thing
I rely on exit signs, and destination times
And this drive that knows me better than I think I know myself
With that being said I won’t play pretend
That I’m not growing up, that I’m not giving in
Late nights and all night drives are the reason why I’m alive
And I’m not going anywhere

Song name Pathfinder
Artist Touché Amoré
Album Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me
Track number 2
Year 2011